Baby massage

Baby massage allows us to better understand, comfort and support our babies through their early stages of development. Massage can aid circulation and digestion, relieve discomfort, promote regular sleeping patterns and reinforce the bond between parent and child. It’s a beautiful way for parent and child to come together and play, understand each other and meet other parents and babies.

Throughout the course or workshop you learn how to massage your baby from head to toe, introduce easy progressive steps towards tummy time, and develop joint flexibility and muscle strength.

Public Baby Massage Courses

Wednesdays 2.30-3.30pm @ Leyton Yoga (next course begins April 1st)

Thursdays 11.15am @ Pause

Dad’s Baby Massage Workshop Sunday 19th April 2-3.30pm @ Leyton Yoga

Private Baby Massage Courses are available on request. £50 per session for up to 5 parents, £10 for each parent thereafter.