Baby Massage

Communicate with your baby through touch and build your confidence as a parent

Baby massage classes which support you to understand and interpret your baby’s behaviours and cues, strengthening the bond between you both

Upcoming Courses

Stratford, 11th January – 8th February 2021 3pm

£60 in studio / £40 livestream

Dad’s Workshop, Leyton, 24th January 2021 3-4.30pm

£15 livestream

Forest Gate, 7th January – 4th February 2021 2.30pm


Stratford, 20th January – 17th February 2021 11am

£60 in studio / £40 livestream

Leyton, February Dates TBC, Thursdays 10.30am

£60 in studio / £40 livestream

Forest Gate, February – March 2021, Thursdays 2.30pm


Private Courses

If you have a group of friends interested in baby massage it’s possible to organise private courses. We can arrange for me to come to one of your homes or find a local venue. Costs start from £50 a session.

What Other People Say

“Wonderful opportunity”

Baby massage with Rosie gave me an opportunity to learn techniques of massage so that I can bond with my baby not just during the baby phase but also as they grow up. It was also a wonderful opportunity to bond with other mums in a quiet and peaceful setting with our babies.

Pat and Sienna

“Supportive and open environment”

Rosie’s baby massage course was great. She created a really supportive and open environment where we could learn the massage techniques and also bond with our little ones. She was super patient and really knowledgeable. Thanks again!.

Hetty and Finlo

“A real pleasure”

We really enjoyed the baby massage classes! You were really clear and helpful with the demonstrations and the theory, whilst also being super accommodating and patient with all the needs of the different babies in the room. Thank you so much, it was a real pleasure doing the course with you 🙂

Rachel and Lily

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