Warm Hands – Self Adjustment Workshop

25th April 5pm


Self assists to reduce tension, improve alignment and support your body to deeply relax.

In this hour and a half long workshop we will explore self massage, adjustments and restorative poses which will give you a greater sense of ease and joy in your yoga practise.

What does it feel like to touch yourself with the same care and compassion that you might show to others? Can we show ourselves enough kindness to rest and restore? You will leave feeling nurtured and rested, with lots of inspiring techniques to embed into your practise.

This class is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners. You will require some props for the class, suggestions of which will be sent out to you a week before the workshop.

This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom in partnership with Leyton Yoga.

This workshop is offered on a sliding scale of £10-20 depending on what you can afford.

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