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Yoga for Cyclists


Saturday 18th May 2019 2.30-4.30pm, Fold, 97 Green Lanes, N16 9BX

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A practical workshop for all cyclists to learn how yoga can support your body’s strength and resilience. Moving through postures to encourage core stability, release tightness, and improve posture and performance.

This workshop will involve

– A body reading to understand your physical patterns

– Moving through yoga postures (asanas) which address common areas of tightness or injury for cyclists

– Advice on cycling posture, set-up and technique to reduce the risk of injury

At the end of the session you will receive a printout with a routine you can practise at home.

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An Autumnal Retreat

4-10 / 12-18 October 2019 in Southern Spain

This autumnal retreat invites you to reflect and reconnect with your root energy, building  foundations that will take you through the winter months.

In Bagend the citrus fruits are still ripe on the tree, but the days are beginning to get shorter, and there is a drive amongst all of nature to reconnect and preserve energy. You will strengthen your connection to and understanding of your body and progress your practice, both on a physical and subtle level.

A strong, dynamic vinyasa practice will be balanced with slow and healing restorative classes, to both challenge you and give you a chance to unwind and reflect. Yoga will be taught at an open level so that new practitioners will get as much from the retreat as more seasoned yogis.

Taking inspiration from the Niyamas, or observances, from Yogic philosophy, we will reflect on each of them (contentment, discipline, self-study, cleanliness and surrender) throughout the week, through movement and discussion, finding ways they might inform our lives and yoga practice.

Inquisitive flows will allow you to find the best alignment and support for your body, whilst workshops will give you the chance to hone in on particular aspects of the practice, physical and spiritual. You will be led in different meditation techniques including Zen meditation and metta bhavana.

By the end of the week you’ll have a deeper understanding of your body, your physical ‘patterns’ and you’ll have the tools to develop a personal practice which you can use at home.

​€479 per person, including all meals, yoga, workshops & equipment. Not including flights or transfers. For more information and to book, visit Rustic Retreats