Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

Slow, intelligent flows to help you connect to your body, breath and baby

Rosie teaches Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga in North and East London. Classes help to prepare the body for birth and alleviate pregnancy related conditions, such as lower back pain, SPD and fatigue. Her postnatal classes are baby-inclusive, and help to rebuild strength and stretch out tight areas, using pilates inspired movement as well as yoga.


Monday 10.30am Mum & Baby Yoga with CORE Clapton

Tuesday 11am Postnatal Yoga with Baby Massage at Tracks London (some weekly spots available in this 5 week course)

Wednesday 11am Mum & Baby Yoga with Leyton Yoga

As you go through a huge emotional and physical transition, yoga can connect you to your body and your baby, and together we can build a community

I also teach…

Baby Massage

Learn how to communicate with your baby through touch and build your confidence as a parent

Vinyasa Yoga

Strong, creative flows which sync movement to breathe, building a deeper connection to your body

Yoga for Cyclists

Compliment your sports practise by strengthening your core and stretching out tight areas

Rosie’s pregnancy yoga classes are a delightful balance of movement, creating space for baby to grow (and for you to breathe!) and connecting to the new life growing inside. My body felt the challenges of the different moves and flows in the class, and my mind connected and calmed with her wise words!

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